Training For Tile Installers


We perform on-site and remote training for tile and stone installation.


We offer training for any project size including remote methods and hands-on onsite instruction. Remote video conferencing has become a widely accepted means of communication in 2020. We take this to new levels with our training programs that can train installers while they work on a project. Hands-on training is the best option for obvious reasons but is not always practical for smaller projects or tight budget constraints.

The shortage of skilled, qualified labor is one of if not the greatest challenge facing the tile and stone industry. The fact is that every day across America there are unskilled installers setting tiles improperly which will compromise and possibly lead to the installation's failure. As one of the largest commercial installation companies in Southern California, we lived through a major shift in the labor pool between the 1980s and 2000s. Qualified labor slowly dropped off concurrent with a steady rise in construction activity. This led to the training. Training at hiring, training in a warehouse, and onsite training became a way of life to succeed in performing installations that will perform as intended indefinitely.


We will write installation guidelines for all projects, from setting 12x12 tiles on a floor to paper-faced glass mosaic projects in swimming pools or domes and everything in between. We will tailor the guidelines to fit the installers present and develop a quality control program to assure tiles are being set correctly when we are not onsite.

 It only takes one job failure to overshadow any number of successfully installed projects. Let us take on and eliminate that risk by using our staff of journeymen installers and job foremen to ensure your project performs. Contact us today at 1-800-689-6031 to find out more about how we can make sure your project is installed the first time correctly.