Tile and Stone Forensics

Tile and Stone Forensics

At Tile and Stone Consultants, we have over 24 years of tile and stone forensics experience. We have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the industry that allows our team to provide our Forensics clients with the unmatched quality service that they deserve. 

Tile and Stone will provide exceptional results for any tile and stone project under our management. You can trust all of our work to be up to both your and industry standards. We’re here to make sure your tile and stone project goes smoothly and safely for everyone involved. 

We believe that every tile and stone project can, and should be done correctly the first time. Contact us today to get started, or give us a call at 1-800-689-6031.


Tile and Stone Forensic Experts

Tile and Stone Consultants will oversee your tile and stone forensics from start to finish in order to ensure the highest quality from the get go. Our years of forensics experience, combined with our knowledge of the industry allow us to provide you with personalized solutions and plans for your project. We make sure to do the job correctly so you don’t have to worry about it when it’s finished.

Our comprehensive consulting services include expert forensic investigations and expert witness services. Throughout our years of operation, we have successfully worked with homeowners, business owners and commercial properties. During our inspection we can determine whether or not the installation was done correctly. 

Our inspection services range from visual and non-intrusive techniques to intrusive techniques.

We also offer a full array of expert witness services in which our expert witness services are tailored on a case by case basis. We can include document review, site inspections, declaration statements, written reports, mediation, arbitration, depositions, and trial testimony. Rest assured that we can help and guide you for a successful resolution.

If you are looking for a tile and/or stone forensics expert, look no further. We are well renowned for our skill, precision, and hard work brought on by our years of experience. With our trusted team members, we can expertly manage any project that comes our way. If you choose to work with us, you can expect us to tailor our inspections to your specific project and budget.

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We can help with poorly installed jobs

Take away all worries by hiring Tile and Stone Consultants to manage your new project or provide solutions to repair an existing project.