Two men working on a tile and stone project for a building after the tile and stone consultant finalizes the deal.
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Tile and Stone Expert Consultants Servicing Florida

Tile and Stone Consultants believe that every tile and stone project can and should be installed correctly the first time. We are a professional tile and stone consulting firm with over 24 years of tile and stone installation and contracting experience and have been servicing Florida and other locations throughout the United States. Many have trust in us because we offer a unique perspective. Furthermore, we have a successful track record in all aspects of ceramic tile and stone specifications for both commercial and residential applications. We strive to provide help in terms of driving proper industry standards for project success.

Tile and Stone Consultants, Your Reliable Tile and Stone Consulting Firm

Tile and Stone Consultants’ owner made it his goal to be able to share his knowledge and experience in the ceramic tile and stone industry. If you are looking for a reliable Tile and Stone Consulting Firm to work with, you are in the right place. We have the ability to help with poorly installed jobs. We will help you manage your new project and provide the suitable solutions in repairing an existing project. Our background in being able to perform successful installations and having a comprehensive understanding of the industry are the things that sets us apart from other tile and stone consulting firms. We offer several services that will surely fit your needs.




We can help with poorly installed jobs

Take away all worries by hiring Tile and Stone Consultants to manage your new project or provide solutions to repair an existing project.