Tiling consultant discussing tile installation project with a client.
Once your project is complete and all the tile and stone has been installed, you are ready to have the installation evaluated. The evaluation will tell you whether or not the job has reached the standards set in place by the people wanting the installation. You want to ensure that the time, effort, and money that was put into the installation did not go to waste. An installation that is done properly from the jump is the sort of tile and stone installation that you want when your project is finished and an evaluation at the end will clarify whether or not you have reached the success you want from the project. A positive installation evaluation will provide you with the knowledge that you chose the right installers and project overseers for your installation. Success from your project when it is finished provides you, your customer, and the consumers with satisfaction stemming from everyone involved in the entire process.

A Quality Evaluation for a Quality Tile and Stone Installation

Everyone involved in laying the tile and stone, testing the materials, overseeing the installation, making everyone aware of the specifications of the project, and being able to anticipate any problems that may arise during the installation before they occur relies on that finished tile installation evaluation. At Tile and Stone Consultants, we can provide you with an evaluation of your project when it is finished. This evaluation will tell you whether or not the job lived up to the expectations set at the beginning of the project or if some other adjustments need to be made. We will evaluate everything from the planning and research at the start of the project along with knowing the consumer’s expectations to analyze the success of the finished project. During the evaluation, the minimum and maximum specifications of the tile; including its size, allowances for wedging and warpage, and how it will compensate for the variations it may come into contact with after installation will be looked at as a way of knowing if the job was done to its best quality and will last as consumers start to use it. We’ll evaluate the acceptability of the laid and set tile from a normal viewing distance - not with a microscope or a magnifying glass - but from the point of view of the users that are going to use the space. We want to ensure that we see what they are going to see and what they will use when they step foot on the finished project. If you trust Tile and Stone Consultants with managing your project testing, training and overseeing your installers, and looking over all your project specifications then you can also trust us with evaluating the tile and stone installation that was completed. We’ll provide a quality evaluation after supplying you with a quality installation.

Trust Tile and Stone Consultants with Your Entire Installation Process

At Tile and Stone Consultants we want to help you throughout the entire tile and stone installation process in a way that is beneficial to you and the consumers that will use your installation job once it is finished. We use our 24 plus years of experience working with some of the best stone and tile contractors to create a high quality portfolio that you can trust for all of your tile and stone installation needs. We pride ourselves on the belief that tile and stone installations should be done correctly the first time, which has allowed us to create a positive reputation that those in the tile and stone industry will stand by. We want your entire installation process to go as smoothly as possible and we hope that our services can make that a reality.




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