Tile and Stone Insurance Loss Investigation


We perform investigations of insurance claims involving residential or commercial tile or stone assemblies across the USA.

We work with all types of parties including insurance adjusters processing claims or home and commercial property owners who have submitted them. There are varying types of damage claims made involving tile and stone which can include:

  • Water Damages: 

    We investigate claims of water damages to tile or stone. Causes can include leaks from sources such as dishwasher and washing machine hoses, pipe leaks, natural disasters from heavy rainfall and flooding, and accidental such as leaving a faucet turned on.

  • Fire and Smoke Damages:

    We investigate claims of fire and smoke damage to tile or stone. Causes can include damages from house or property fires, smoke and or soot damages from nearby homes or wildfires, and damages from fire and rescue personnel fighting fires.

  • Remediation Damages:

    We investigate claims of remediation damage to tile or stone. Causes can include damages from remediation services such as scratches when moving or dragging heavy objects, furniture, and appliances, and natural and manufactured slab countertop damages when remediation efforts deemed it necessary to remove supporting cabinetry.

  • Theft Damages:

    We investigate claims of theft damage to tile or stone. Causes can include scratches or impact damage from moving or dragging heavy objects such as a safe, and other general damages thieves can cause.

  • Accidental Damages:

    We investigate claims of accidental damage to tile or stone. Causes can include heavy impact or point loading caused by moving heavy items over a tile or stone floor, impact damages from dropping a heavy object, stains on porous tiles, and natural stone from spillage.

  • Structural Damages:

    We investigate claims of fire and smoke damage to tile or stone. Causes can include earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, landslides, and failed structures built improperly.

Our Services Include:

  • Determination of Claimed Damages:

    We investigate the tile or stone assembly and determine if there is any credible evidence of damages from the claimed loss event. 

  • Tile and Stone Quality Determinations:

    We investigate the manufactured or natural tiles for their inherent qualities and make determinations of quality, cost, and sourcing options. 

  • Tile and Stone Matching:

    When repairs are necessary and no extra tiles from the original lot exist, we can identify the tile or natural stone and determine if it can be sourced within a reasonable expectation. When required, we contact and or visit stone suppliers and look for a reasonable matching product.

  • Cost of Repair Estimates:

    With our extensive contracting experience, we prepare the cost of repair estimates that will fall within standard industry cost ranges. Whether an Excel spreadsheet,  common or proprietary estimating software, we tailor the format of the estimate to our client’s needs.

  • Cost of Replacement Estimates:

    When an assembly’s condition is beyond repair, we provide the cost of full replacement estimates for both residential and commercial applications. These can include simple repairs to residential flooring up to complex repairs of exterior adhered veneers on commercial projects.